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Not much to see here, we're just a webhost for now. Admire our quick and dirty, hand coded index.html. You probably ended up here, because you were curious. WELL, now you know all of our secrets! ...or none of them. It's a secret to everybody. THE FUN HAS BEEN DOUBLED. OK! If you want more info, or if you want to utilize our various services, or if you wanna be a member wanna be a member of fifthandraitt.com, you can use the e-mail address displayed below to contact the current admin. It's an image. You'll have to write it down. BY HAND. Remember those days? Oh, that e-mail address works for Pay-pal too.

Why Fifth and Raitt? Why not... :P

last updated on 2013 April 30th, by one of us.

I put this weird thing    
here, so you can admire the    
seamless pattern I made!!! :D     

...take this brother, may it serve you well.   
That way -> -> -> >KO)->